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August 10, 2002

Russia's Junior Hockey League - 2002-03 Schedule
Stage One (Year of birth of players: 1985-86)



CSKA Moscow- White Bears Moscow

Dynamo Moscow-Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Russ Moscow- Vastom

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Spartak Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash




Elektrostal Elemash- White Bears Moscow

Spartak Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Vastom

Russ Moscow- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Dynamo Moscow- CSKA Moscow



White Bears Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash

Voskresensk Khimik- Spartak Moscow

Vastom- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Russ Moscow

CSKA Moscow- Dynamo Moscow




Dynamo Moscow- White Bears Moscow

Russ Moscow- CSKA Moscow

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Spartak Moscow- Vastom

Elektrostal Elemash- Voskresensk Khimik


2002-09-21 11


White Bears Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Vastom- Elektrostal Elemash

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Spartak Moscow

CSKA Moscow- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Dynamo Moscow- Russ Moscow




White Bears Moscow- Dynamo Moscow

CSKA Moscow- Russ Moscow

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Vastom- Spartak Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- Elektrostal Elemash




Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- White Bears Moscow

CSKA Moscow- Vastom

Dynamo Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Russ Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Spartak Moscow




Voskresensk Khimik- White Bears Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Vastom

Spartak Moscow- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Krylia Soviets Moscow- CSKA Moscow

Russ Moscow- Dynamo Moscow




White Bears Moscow- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Vastom- CSKA Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- Dynamo Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Russ Moscow

Spartak Moscow- Krylia Soviets Moscow




White Bears Moscow- Russ Moscow

Dynamo Moscow- Krylia Soviets Moscow

CSKA Moscow- Spartak Moscow

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Elektrostal Elemash

Vastom- Voskresensk Khimik




Russ Moscow- White Bears Moscow

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Dynamo Moscow

Spartak Moscow- CSKA Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Voskresensk Khimik- Vastom




White Bears Moscow- Vastom

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Voskresensk Khimik

CSKA Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash

Dynamo Moscow- Spartak Moscow

Russ Moscow- Krylia Soviets Moscow


2002-10-12 31


White Bears Moscow- CSKA Moscow

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Dynamo Moscow

Vastom- Russ Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Spartak Moscow




Vastom- White Bears Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv

Elektrostal Elemash- CSKA Moscow

Spartak Moscow- Dynamo Moscow

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Russ Moscow





White Bears Moscow- Spartak Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- Russ Moscow

Vastom- Dynamo Moscow

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- CSKA Moscow




White Bears Moscow- Krylia Soviets Moscow

Russ Moscow- Spartak Moscow

Dynamo Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash

CSKA Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv- Vastom




Krylia Soviets Moscow- White Bears Moscow

Spartak Moscow- Russ Moscow

Elektrostal Elemash- Dynamo Moscow

Voskresensk Khimik- CSKA Moscow

Vastom- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv




Spartak Moscow- White Bears Moscow

Krylia Soviets Moscow- Elektrostal Elemash

Russ Moscow- Voskresensk Khimik

Dynamo Moscow- Vastom

CSKA Moscow- Yaroslavl Lokomotiv




  1. Spartak Moscow
  2. Krylia Soviets Moscow
  3. CSKA Moscow
  4. Dynamo Moscow
  5. Russ Moscow
  6. White Bears Moscow
  7. Elektrostal Elemash
  8. Vastom Moscow
  9. Yaroslavl Lokomotiv
  10.  Voskresensk Khimik
bulletSeptember 7: Start of regular season
bulletNovember 30: End of the 1st regular season’s stage
bulletApril 22: End of the regular season


  Denis Neznanov
HockeyZonePlus' Russian Correspondent


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