12/01: Visiting Sick Kids
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December 1, 1999

Greetings everybody!

Here we are – early December! The holidays are almost here, and it will soon be a new year. This year will be even more special since we’re entering a new millennium. For many people, December is the nicest month of the year. For others, it’s the worst.

December is very special for me. Why? Because it’s a month where people are happy everywhere I work. For example, when I was working in shopping centers, people were doing their holiday shopping and were happy to see a mascot with their kids. Christmas parades are also magical with the snow and arrival of Santa Claus. I think of the smiles in the faces of kids and also the eyes of the parents looking at their kids. Parents do everything they can for their children.

I also have to tell you about my visits to handicapped children. It’s a special thing for me to see how those kids are also happy. They are very special and warm with me.

Every year, I would visit the St.Justine Children’s Hospital in Montréal. It’s one of the biggest and most respected children’s hospital in the world. For a week, I’d be there every day visiting kids with Santa. On the last day, Montréal Canadiens players would join us. All the players were there, and it was great to see the sick kids with their idols.

I remember that Patrick Roy was very nice and close with the sick kids. The same for Eric Desjardins. Once, when the players were being introduced, I was sitting with 7 or 8 kids directly around me. At one point, a little 4-year-old girl with an oxygen mask came over and sat directly on me and stayed there for an hour and a half. All the players came over to greet her and give her a gift. During the whole time, I was in a different world. You can’t imagine the feeling to be able to give some love to sick kids, put a smile on their face and make them forget their illness for a moment.

I remember a girl named Chantal B. She was 6 years old and the sad thing was that she only had 3 more weeks to live. 13 days later, I got a phone call from the hospital telling me that she died. I was very sad but at the same time, I knew that I had done something for her. It’s amazing how my profession can make me live different events.

When I was Youppi with the Montréal Expos, a little 9-year-old boy had jaundice. His idol was Youppi.

One day, his parents asked Youppi to come visit their boy. Everybody knew that Eric had about 3 months to live. He wasn’t able to move or feed himself. There could not be more than 2 visitors at a time in his room. I arrived with a bunch a gifts from the Expos and was with his mother and grandfather. I was sitting beside him and was holding his hand. At some point, he opened his hand and squeezed mine. His mother said that it was unbelievable – he hadn’t move in 2 months. During the whole visit, I was crying in the costume. I realized how lucky I was to be healthy. My kids are healthy, and I am lucky that God gave me a good life.

My profession gives me the opportunity to live amazing moments that most people won’t be able to live in the same way. Money is important, but nothing is nicer than seeing healthy kids with a smile.

In this article, I tried to share with you the feelings I have when I work. Also, I want to make you realize how lucky we are to be healthy. The holidays bring joy and happiness. Enjoy those moments with your family and be nice to the people around you.

Often, the biggest gifts are not the most important ones. If you can forgive people and spread joy around you, you’ll see that those are the best gifts. Believe me.

Pierre Deschesnes


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