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GoalieMania Ranking
2003 World Junior Championship

First, before screaming about the unfairness of Marc-André Fleury being in 4th place, let's remember that other goalies had an excellent tournament and that Fleury couldn't perform at his full capacity because of the flu. Also, the tournament having few games, the results are a bit skewed. No matter what, Fleury is the one who got the most visibility during the tournament.

Ranking Formula

Pos Name Team Score
1 Robert Goepfert USA 111.8
2 Peter Sevela SVK 109.2
3 Kari Lethonen FIN 104.1
4 Marc-André Fleury CAN 102.5
5 Andrei Medvedev RUS 95.7
6 Martin Falter CZE 81.8
7 Patrick Ehelechner GER 76.3
8 Dimitri Patzold GER 64.4
9 Michal Zajkowski SWE 63.3
10 Tobias Stephan SUI 54.5
11 Dimitry Kamovich BLR 44.8
12 Konstantin Barulin RUS 42.2
13 Daniel Manzato SUI 39.9
14 Lukas Mensator CZE 38.9
15 Jan Chovan SVK 36.0
16 Tuomas Nissinen FIN 34.3
17 Siarheu Rahouski BLR 18.7
18 David LeNeveu CAN 17.3
19 Mathias Fagerstrom SWE 8.9
20 James Howard USA 3.2


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