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Goalie Matchup Overview
Stanley Cup Final - 2002-03

The Conn-Smythe to a goaltender…

Here we are now at the Stanley Cup final and guess what…the 2 remaining goaltenders are the best of the playoffs this year. First, Martin Brodeur will be at his 4th final and he already won it twice. Second, the young JS Gigučre who is like a wall on skate since the day one of the playoffs. It would be interesting to see if another goaltender has been so dominant in the NHL playoffs history.

The matchup may seem unfair but since the all-star break, the Ducks are at least as good as the Devils and the final should be very interesting.

Let’s compare the 2 goaltenders :

bulletGigučre has received 30.5 shots per game and Brodeur 25.8
bulletBoth have excellent save percentage at .960 for Gigučre and .938 for Brodeur
bulletBoth have 4 shutouts
bulletBrodeur «stole» 5 games and Gigučre 7
bulletBrodeur has 17 Stanley cup final games against 0 for Gigučre

It all leads toward an high quality matchup for the final and when we look back at the playoffs it seems that the Conn-Smythe will go to JS Gigučre, even if the Ducks lose the final. By himself, he led the Ducks 3 rounds further than anyone expected. If the final was to be won easily by New-Jersey, Brodeur would be the man to honor… except if the media fall for John Madden. The only thing that I wish is that the final decision will consider the 4 rounds of the playoffs and not only the final result… that would assure a Conn-Smythe for one of the masked man.

bulletGoalieMania pick : Anaheim in 6
bulletConn-Smythe for JS Gigučre


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