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Goalie Matchup Overview
NHL Playoffs - Round 2 - 2002-03

Here are the goaltenders match-ups for the second round of the playoffs.

Dallas vs Anaheim

Marty Turco (9)
The Stars goalie had a slow start but was surely the best player on his team in the 6th game against the Oilers. He won easily his matchup against Salo who was just bad. He saw Joseph gave a few bad goal that allowed the Ducks to pass thru the Wings. Let’s hope he learned a lesson…


Jean-Sébastien Giguère (1)
FINALLY, after 2 outstanding season, «Jiggy» is having some recognition for his work. Kariya is no longer the best player in Anaheim! He’ll to be the best player on the ice again like he did in first round. But can he really keep a ,965 save percentage? I doubt it…

bulletMatchup Quality : EXCELLENT
bulletADVANTAGE : None

Vancouver vs Minnesota

Dan Cloutier (14)
The Canucks would have needed fewer then 7 games to beat the Blues if Cloutier had played just ok but he made it an exiting série. He did well in the 7th game but the pressure he will face (The Wild can go to the semi finals!?!) leave a doubt…


Manny Fernandez (5) / Dwayne Roloson (17)
The great thing about playing both goalie in the season is that you know that in the playoffs time, they will be ready. Roloson was good but not enough, Fernandez was outstanding. The goaltender situation remember the one in Carolina last year…the result was good!

bulletMatchup Quality : Average

Ottawa vs Philadelphie

Patrick Lalime (2)
Patrick Lalime is now a true playoffs performer. After an avergae season he was great against the Islanders. He’ll have to face a strong opposition but he shut them up last year.


Roman Cechmanek (7)
The tall czech look weak on a few goal in the first round and the media kept making him look like a fool on skate. But, the bottom line is that he delivered an exellent performance against Belour and the Flyers is going to the second round. He did well last years against the Sens.

bulletMatchup Quality : Good

New-Jersey vs Tampa Bay

Martin Brodeur (3)
Great first round for Brodeur. Exept his bad game number 4, he was dominant when his defense made some rare mistake. He’ll have an fierce opponent in Nikolai Khabibulin and like most of the series, the team with the best goaltender will go to the next round.


Nikolai Khabibulin (6)
After 2 games below the «Khabibulin standards», he started to build the Bulin Wall again against the powerful Caps offence. He’ll have a lot to do if he hope the get thru the Devils machine.

bulletMatchup Quality : Very good
bulletADVANTAGE : None


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