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Explanation - Goalie-Mania Ratings

GoalieMania Ranking
The rating shows how a goalie performs compared to the other goalies in his league. It reflects the performance of the given year without taking into consideration the potential of the goalie or his past achievements.

The ratings are based on the following 6 points:

1- Save percentage (65%)
2- Shots per game (10%)
3- Goals against average (10%)
4- Wins-Losts-Ties ratio (5%)
5- Minutes played (10%)
6- Shutout (Bonus up to 5%)

If a goalie hasn't played a minimum of minutes, his rating will be reduced. The minimum is fixed at 50% of the maximum of the league (the goalie who has played the most minutes).

MSP (Minimum Save Percentage) and Performance Index

What is the MSP?
The MSP is a new stat developed by GoalieMania to show what save percentage a goaltender have to maintain a ,500 record (wins = loses)

How is the MSP calculated?
First, we substract the average goals score by the goaltender’s team from the number of shots the goaltender receive per game. We divide this difference by the shots per game of the goaltender and we have the MSP of the goalie.

Example : J-S Gigučre

bullet34 wins, 22 loses, 6 ties (winning % = 59,7% )
bulletAverage shots received per game : 28,8
bulletGoals scored by Anaheim : 203 (2,48 by game)

28,8 (SPG) – 2,48 (goals by the team) = 26,32

26,32 / 28,8 (SPG) = ,914 (Minimum save percentage)

How to evaluate this stat?
By comparing the MSP of a goaltender with his wins-lost record, it’s easier to see how much he was valuable to his team. A goalie with a MSP of ,850 who wins 75% of his games is not as good as another one who has a MSP of ,925 and wins 50% of the time.

What is the Performance Index?
The performance index is relating the winning percentage of the goaltender and his MSP. The more the MSP and the winning % of a goalie are high, the more the Performance Index will to be high. The performance index gives the opportunity to evaluate a goalie by taking his team's performance in consideration.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the rating, don't hesitate to send an email to Jean-Pierre.


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