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Deserved Nominations for Brodeur?

Year after year, it seems that Martin Brodeur is recognized as one of the NHL best goaltender even if since the mid-90’s, he did nothing outstanding. He’s an above average goalie with the actual standards but he lives with a strong reputation.

This season makes no exception. Brodeur is finalist for the 2 most prestigious NHL awards (you have to admit that hockey has become a goaltender sport just like baseball is a pitcher sport)

When we compare the 2002-2003 NHL season with the 2001-2002 season, it seems obvious that Brodeur doesn’t deserve his Vezina nomination.

First, let’s look at the best goaltender of this year (by a mile), Marty Turco, and the best of last year, José Théodore :


30 - 24 - 10
30,6 shots per game


35 - 10 - 10
25,3 spg

There’s not much difference except the fact that Turco received less shots per game which directly lead to a lower average and easier wins. Last year, the choice of Theodore was obvious but his year it seems that Turco won’t win the award.

Now, let’s compare the 2003 Brodeur with a goaltender who wasn’t considered for the Vezina last year, Dominik Hasek :

HASEK - 2002:

41 - 15 - 8
26,7 spg

BRODEUR - 2003 :

41- 23 - 9
23,5 spg

We can see that with the same save %, Hasek, who had played less games and received more shots then Brodeur wasn’t even in nomination for the Vezina.

This makes me conclude that, without his reputation, Martin Brodeur would never have been a Vezina contender this year. But all the GMs voted, and we all know that often, they have some debt the refund.

As a final note, here is a list of goaltenders that should have been considered for the Vezina trophy :

Goalie (save %) :
Roman Cechmanek (,925)
J-Sebastien Giguère (,920)
Patrick Roy (,920)
Olaf Kolzig (,919)
Roberto Luongo (,918)
Thomas Vokoun (,918)


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