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Historique salarial de joueurs actifs et retirés de la LNH
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St.Louis Post-Dispatch (imprimé et internet) (2 mai 1999)

Posted: Sunday, May 2, 1999 | 6:00 a.m.
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on the web

There are now zillions of personal home pages and small-scale websites on the Internet. Some are really neat, like the clever HockeyZonePlus (

Webmaster Francois Coulombe has several novel features on his site, including a calculation of the top gross salaries earned by NHL players since 1989-90.

Blues fans will be proud to know that former and current members of their team dominate the list. To wit:

1) Wayne Gretzky, $43.3 million.
7) Brett Hull, $27.2 million.
10) Scott Stevens, $25.7 million.
14) Al MacInnis, $21.9 million.
15) Brendan Shanahan, $21.8 million.
18) Pierre Turgeon, $20.8 million.

Hmmmm . . . these figures give Michel Picard something to shoot for.

The site also includes a collection of entertaining quotes, a number of other salary breakdowns and links to all sorts of other cool websites. With the playoffs in full gear, this is a great time to go surfing with fellow hockey hobbyists.

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