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In order to shake up his team and possibly send some messages, the Avalanche coach calls up a minor-league thug for a playoff game against Detroit. Scott Parker, 20 years-old, 6’5 and 230 lbs, shows up on the ice with his bald head and trademark long goatee and, knowing his role, does his stretching exercices at center ice during pre-game warmup while staring menacingly at Red Wing players. He doesn’t get any icetime during the game but spend most of his time starring at the Wings bench.

Asked to comment on the behavior of his goonish rookie, the Avalanche coach says, with a big smile:

"He has a great deal of respect for the Red Wings. That's probably why he was looking at them. He has many idols on that team. You have to put yourself in his shoes: Young kid coming up from the minors, his first NHL playoff game, and he has a chance to look at all those great stars? I'd have probably done the same thing."

-- Bob Hartley - May 8, 1999


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