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To explain the Québec Nordiques' decision to give a 2-year contract to the Soviet National Team #1 goalie, Sergei Mylnikov, for $300,000 a year (which, in 1989-90, was the average salary of the 200 best paid NHLers) plus the same amount for the Soviet hockey federation, the president of the Nordiques said:

"In order to bounce back as one of the league's more competitive team, we simply had no choice but to go all out and get an athlete of Sergei's caliber"

-- Marcel Aubut -  September 1989

Aubut did better negotiating a price when he sold the Nordiques than scouting players...! Mylnikov, who was never again seen playing hockey in North America, played 10 games for the Nordiques with a record of 1 win, 7 losses, 2 ties and a GAA of 4.96.

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