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Friday, February 05, 2010

1-976-Paul-Coffee Only $8.33 per minute!

Thanks to Chris Nilan and his business partner, you can now dish out $8.33/minute* to talk to Paul Coffee on the phone! Not so much into Coffee? No worries, there are forty-or-so other former NHLers available for similar prices. Stu Grimson and Kevin Stevens are bargains at $6.67/minute*!

It’s good to know that for just a few dollars, you can connect to hockey stars that will pretend to care while you fawn over them with your wallet wide open.

Go to (Get it? Visit!) Right now if you can’t wait for this 1-976 hockey opportunity. Don’t have too much expectations, though, as the last news on the site are over 1 year old and you get a “Please check back for availability” message when clicking on a player. At $499.99/hour, you’d think that they’re all standing by the phone!

*Minimum 30 minutes, apparently to give you time to really become best buddy with your new former-NHL friend.

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