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Friday, July 17, 2009

Keith Primeau: One of the Most Decorated Players in NHL History?

According to Steve Silver, of the Las Vegas Sun, Keith Primeau is "one of the most decorated players in NHL history." Only in Vegas! Apparently, we've missed a few issues of The Hockey News between 1990 and 2006.

You would think that this is just a lazy journalistic job where the bold statement came straight from the Las Vegas Wranglers' press release announcing Primeau's nomination as Special Assistant to the General Manager / Director of Player Development of the ECHL team. After all, press releases from minor league pro hockey teams are notorious for their hype. But no!

Maybe it was just copied-and-pasted from Primeau's page on Wikipedia? You know, a Wikipedia contributor - Primeau's wife? - could have hyped the profile and Mr. Silver simply taken the statement from there. We all have deadlines. But no!

Keith Primeau: one of the most decorated players in NHL history. Really?!

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