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Monday, March 24, 2008

Like Father, Like Son: Waaaaah!

On March 27, during a Québec Major Junior Hockey League playoff game that his team was trailing, Québec Remparts' goalie Jonathan Roy decided to take part in a brawl, skated the lenght of the ice and jumped on Chicoutimi Saguenéens' goalie Bobby Nadeau who, obviously, wasn't interested in fighting. After his outburst, Roy leaved the ice giving the highway salute to the crowd and made some crude post-game comments while interviewed.

Roy is the son of famed NHL Goalie Patrick Roy who also co-owns and coaches the Remparts. After the event, coach-daddy and goalie-son were both unapologetic and somewhat defiant, although Jonathan apologized two days later in the media.

Like father, like son? In some respects, obviously. Not in all, though, as it is unlikely that Jonathan will ever make the NHL unless his daddy has more pull than we credit him for.

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