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Friday, February 05, 2010

1-976-Paul-Coffee Only $8.33 per minute!

Thanks to Chris Nilan and his business partner, you can now dish out $8.33/minute* to talk to Paul Coffee on the phone! Not so much into Coffee? No worries, there are forty-or-so other former NHLers available for similar prices. Stu Grimson and Kevin Stevens are bargains at $6.67/minute*!

It’s good to know that for just a few dollars, you can connect to hockey stars that will pretend to care while you fawn over them with your wallet wide open.

Go to (Get it? Visit!) Right now if you can’t wait for this 1-976 hockey opportunity. Don’t have too much expectations, though, as the last news on the site are over 1 year old and you get a “Please check back for availability” message when clicking on a player. At $499.99/hour, you’d think that they’re all standing by the phone!

*Minimum 30 minutes, apparently to give you time to really become best buddy with your new former-NHL friend.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Flashback: Loom & Gloom - Salaries Must Come Down!

In the 1979 edition of the Hockey News Yearbook, Norm MacLean signs an article entitled Want to Own Your Own Hockey Team? Better Be Prepared. It's High Finances And The Profits Are Small Whether It's The NHL Or The WHA. Or, if you prefer the short version: Loom & Gloom - Salaries Must Come Down!.

The feature starts by highlighting financial issues with the NY Islanders following a string of events that included loaning money to the New Jersey Nets basketball team, losing a lawsuit initiated by Cablevision, and lost revenues after an early playoff exit. The article then broadens into the general financial situation of NHL teams. The average salary of NHLers was $US 92,000, compared to $US 42,000, before the arrival of the WHA seven years earlier (equivalent to 2007 salaries of about $263,000 and 208,000, respectively, according to

While different than most other industries in pretty much all respects, the sport-industry is no different than others when it comes to ownership talking about salaries. Loom and gloom news about the company and industry.

"Salaries have dropped a bit, but they must come down if the weaker franchises are to stabilized," says former NHL President Clarence Campbell in the 1979 article. "Player salaries must come down - and long multi-year guaranteed contracts have to become few and far between."
"The other owners in the NHL don't help their partners who are in trouble," said Jack Vickers, owners of the Colorado Rockies that were subsequently moved to New Jersey, "Football is better organized than hockey. It may be true the owners had an advantage over the players at one time, but that is long gone. If salaries don't come down, along with other overhead factors such as arena rental, then we may see an eventual shrinkage of the hockey map in the United States."
Thirty years later, there are 12 more NHL teams in the United States and the average salary is estimated at $US 2,215,000, more than 8 times more that 30 years ago in today's value. Shrinkage?

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flashback: Yan and Paul Stastny with Dad Peter

Talk about a hockey family! In the early 80s, Czechoslovakian brothers Anton and Peter Stastny defected to Canada to join the Quebec Nordiques. They were followed the next year by another one of their brothers, Marian.

More than 25 years later, Peter's two sons, Paul and Yan, are playing in the NHL for Colorado and St.Louis, respectively. His two daughters, Katarina and Kristina, both played high level competitive tennis while attending University.

In that picture, taken in 1990, Peter's kids are visiting Slovakia for the first time, a few months after Peter returned to his home country for the first time since defecting. From left to right: Yan, Paul, Kristina, and Katarina.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Activision: The Granddaddy of NHL08 & NHL 2K8

Interesting screenshot and ad from the 26-year old granddaddy of NHL 2K8 and NHL08: Ice Hockey by Activision.

Look at those graphics. Had to be a riveting game with bone crushing bodychecks and... yes, even faceoffs! To top it off: no referees - not a game for the faint of heart.

Who's that at center ice? Looks like a pixelated slim rookie Chris Chelios.

Rip This Magazine in Half.

A Though Tryout for Ice Hockey by Activision.

You can't be nice on the ice. You have to be tough. So, we've devised this little test to find out if you're tough enough for Ice Hockey, Activision-style.

It's one of the most head-to-head competitive video games ever designed for the Atari or Sears games systems.

How tough is it? Face-off. Breakaways. Stick-checking. Body-checking. Tripping. Battling the boards. And no referees.

So, go on. Give this magazine your best shot. We know it won't be easy. But then again, neither is our game.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Movie on Bernie Nicholls' Career

Bernie Nicholls won't make it in the Hockey Hall of Fame but he had a productive 18-year NHL career with the L.A. Kings and 5 other teams where he racked-up over 1,200 points. Apparently, 9 years after his retirement, some people felt that it was time to give him credit and make a movie on his career:

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bernie Parent - New Hair, New Life, Loving It!

Thanks to Dr. Pistone and a hair transplant, the former Philadephia Flyers goalie and Stanley Cup champion apparently has a new life, according to this testimonial.

“I feel good today. I feel fantastic. I get up in the morning…as a matter of fact when I go to sleep at night, I can’t wait to get up the next day; that’s how good I feel.”
Wow. He're a picture of the before and after and the amazing effect of a goalie dome full of hair.

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