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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Former NHLer John Anderson Gets Makeover: Career Move?

Yes, this is hockey-related. John Anderson getting a makeover. That's the story on the website of the Atlanta Thrashers' AHL affiliates, the Chicago Wolves. For the local ABC station, he's getting a new hairdo, new clothes, new look, and will be presented to several players to see their reaction. Will anybody cry?

Remember Anderson? He played 12 years in the NHL. Mostly for the Maple Leafs but also for Québec and Hartford. After retiring in 1994, he started his coaching career and has been head coach of the Chicago Wolves, in the IHL and now the AHL, for 12 years. Despite his decent record and winning 3 championships, he hasn't been able yet to step up to the NHL. Despite two head-coach openings with the Thrashers. What's going on?

Maybe the Extreme Makeover or Queer Eye route really is a last attempt at jump starting his NHL coaching career?

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