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Friday, February 05, 2010

Idiotic Comments from Kovalchuk/Waddell

After the announcement of the trade that sent Ilya Kovalchuk to the New Jersey Devils, GM Don Waddell and Kovy both made comments to the press* that prove that sometimes hockey people should stick to just... play hockey (or pretend they know what they do, in Waddell's case):

Kovalchuk: "For sure. I’m not going to put my home up for sale. Atlanta is going to be my second home probably forever now. It’s great weather. My kids in school there. I will be there."
Come on. Stop the charade. Why would a Russian guy who will soon walk around with a $100M contract, without real ties to Atlanta, want to have a second home in Atlanta? The great weather? Sure. Miami, where he spends time in the summer, the south of France or a whole bunch of exotic islands don't have good weather, apparently. Schools?! That's a good one. The kids will stay in Atlanta in order to continue their education in some great unique school? Georgia is known for its great schools after all.

A big $5 that he doesn't own property in Atlanta comes 2011. Nothing wrong with that.
Waddell: "This isn’t a knock on Kovy, but Kovy’s been here eight years and we still haven’t won a playoff game. This team has to take a different identity."
Waddell has been GM of the Thrashers since the beginning and they still haven't won a playoff game. This IS a knock on Waddell! Time to go back peddling portable toilets.

*Press, in Atlanta, means the one journalist following the team. Doesn't include the guys on the team's payroll who pretend they are journalists.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Atlanta Thrashers: Will the Last One to Leave Please Turn Off the Lights?

Since the beginning of the 2009-10 season, the folks at Philips Arena, in Atlanta, don’t bother turning on the impressive wall of hundreds of Philips television monitors showing sporting events on the way between the upper and lower concourse during Thrashers’ games.

Makes you wonder if management has not already given up on the franchise when it doesn’t even bother turning on a huge display of products from the arena sponsor! It sure conveys that message.

We can just imagine the meeting before the season:

“OK, we’ll unlock the doors and have a few beer stalls for the last few coming to games. Send Larry to the gift shop; maybe we can sell a few Kovalchuk jerseys before the trade deadline.”
To be positive, let’s hope that they just decided to be very green by using less electricity and power for frivolous reasons. But, really? The company that paid big money for the arena’s naming rights would forego a spectacular display of its products to go green?

Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights?

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Friday, October 23, 2009

May the Real Ron Hainsey Please Stand Up?

In a piece about Ron Hainsey, Chris Vivlamore, the sole journalist following the Atlanta Thrashers on a regular basis, portrays the defenseman as a great leader with a unique sense of humor. As per the excerpt below, you'd believe that he knew exactly when and how to transition to his current attitude and style:

With Hainsey’s brand of leadership, it is all about timing. With a joke, sure. But more important is knowing when the time is right for a player to speak up. Breaking into the NHL as a 21-year-old with the Montreal Canadiens, Hainsey knew, was not that time or place. Now as a veteran with the Thrashers, after three seasons in Columbus, it’s become a natural role for the 28-year-old.

“You’ve got to pay your dues a little bit before you are telling jokes on the ice or in the locker room or being a little more outgoing,” Hainsey said. “For a young player it, can be construed as overconfidence as opposed to just being yourself. ... We have the best job in the world so there is not a reason not to have a lot of fun with it.”

Interestingly enough, two days before that profile in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, François Gagnon, one of the many beat writers following the Montreal Canadiens, noted the following about Hainsey:

"He was given the 'Hollywood' nickname while playing for the Canadien. The first round pick (13th overall) had a superstar attitude while having a rough time making his mark in the NHL. He appears to now have the maturity that was lacking when he first stepped in the league..."

May the Real Ron Hainsey Please Stand Up?

Image Source: Flickr/FrenchKheldar

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fashion Police: No More Kovalchuk White Tape!

The NHL needs to step in and tell Ilya Kovalchuk that he's not playing in a garage league. Or in Russia. What's with this white tape he's been using most or all season on his socks? They ran out of transparent tape? No teammate will share? What next? USPS tape like 45-year-old guys with beer bellies use in beer leagues?

The NHL Fashion Police needs to step in.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Former NHLer John Anderson Gets Makeover: Career Move?

Yes, this is hockey-related. John Anderson getting a makeover. That's the story on the website of the Atlanta Thrashers' AHL affiliates, the Chicago Wolves. For the local ABC station, he's getting a new hairdo, new clothes, new look, and will be presented to several players to see their reaction. Will anybody cry?

Remember Anderson? He played 12 years in the NHL. Mostly for the Maple Leafs but also for Québec and Hartford. After retiring in 1994, he started his coaching career and has been head coach of the Chicago Wolves, in the IHL and now the AHL, for 12 years. Despite his decent record and winning 3 championships, he hasn't been able yet to step up to the NHL. Despite two head-coach openings with the Thrashers. What's going on?

Maybe the Extreme Makeover or Queer Eye route really is a last attempt at jump starting his NHL coaching career?

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