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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Montreal Fans on OT Win

Less than an hour after the OT win against the Caps in game one, Ron Fournier takes calls on CKAC Sports. The question? What do you think of tonight's game? Original, huh?

Before taking calls, we learn from a geek statistician that this was only the 4th time in Ovechkin's career that he got no shot on goal in a game. Call sample:

  • Caller Francois: I thought that Montreal would win. Good game from Halak.
  • Caller Karim: GO HABS GO! - WE'LL WIN IN 4. [bunch of drunks signing in the background]
  • Caller whoever: Montreal just took back the home ice advantage. Mission accomplished.
  • Caller Francis: Very happy - I think that they'll win in 4. [14-year old who'll get wiser over the years]
  • Caller whoever: The beast [Caps] has been awoken. Watch out Saturday.
  • Caller Alex: For once, we played as a team. It was great.
  • Caller Maxime: Nice win but we can't get too excited. Washington will come back strong. Stopping Ovechkin is quite something.
  • Caller Peter: GO HABS GO! [same bunch of drunks signing in the background]
  • Caller Steve: Tonight, we played as a team, which we haven't done in quite a while.
  • Ron Fournier: We have a nice team but we don't have a team built for the playoffs. We have small players and if we make it further than one round, our small size will catch up with us. Not physical enough. We do have heart, though.
  • Caller Marc: Playoff hockey tonight. I don't know if Montreal can do better than tonight but the Caps sure can. 25% odds that Montreal can win this series.
  • Ron Fournier: Ovechkin was flat. Looks like Boudreau knew, right off the bat, that his team wouldn't win tonight. I think that Montreal has 40% chances to win the series.
Over and out, mon Ron!

Photo credit: flickr/clevercupcakes

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