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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Halak's Agent Bashes Carey Price

Allan Walsh, the agent - for now! - of Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak had a simple comment on Twitter a few moments after a 3-1 Habs lost where struggling Carey Price was the goalie:
In response to negative reactions, and realizing his faux-pas, he started to backpedal and posted the following comment which doesn't seem to make anything better:

Interestingly enough, those Tweets ended up being scrubbed from Twitter later on as if they were never made. Not sure how that was achieved given that what happens on Twitter supposedly stays on Twitter.

Mr. Walsh might have stated the facts properly in his Twitter comment but he apparently forgot that he has to keep a certain level of professionalism as Halak's agent. Not sure that Halak is very happy about the episode.

There are comments that you keep for yourself and broadcasting them on Twitter is not exactly the way to do so. Anyone wants to bet that for a while, Walsh will use Twitter - as most do - only to let the world know what he had for breakfast?

Aren't you glad we follow Twitter for you?

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