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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brainy Monkey's Second Round Predictions

The brainy monkey is back for the second round. Let's just say that with 6 series predicted properly in the first round, some "hockey experts" are probably dusting off their resumes.Remember, our inability to actually find a monkey forced us to devise some other method to randomly crank predictions. But we're pretending that they were made by a brainy monkey because we're marketing geniuses.

Here goes for the second round:

Boston vs Carolina = Carolina in 4
Washington vs Pittsburgh = Pittsburgh in 7
Detroit vs Anaheim = Anaheim in 7
Vancouver vs Chicago = Vancouver in 4

Remember, 2 points for predicting the correct team. 4 points for predicting the correct team and duration of series. Later on, we'll analyze the predictions of some Self-Proclaimed-Hockey-Experts vs Brainy Monkey

Drop the puck!

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