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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brainy Monkey's First Round Predictions

For fun, we decided to have a brainy monkey make predictions during the playoffs this year so we can compare them, later on, with what the so-called experts predicted. Unfortunately, on such short notice, we couldn't find a brainy monkey. Or just a regular or dumb monkey, for that matter. So we had to use some other method to randomly crank predictions. But let's just pretend that they were made by a brainy monkey to make it fun. Here we go:

Boston - Montreal: Montreal in 7
Washington - NY Rangers: Washington in 7
New Jersey - Carolina: Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh - Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 6
San Jose - Anaheim: Anaheim in 5
Detroit - Columbus: Columbus in 6
Vancouver - St.Louis: Vanvouver in 5
Chicago - Calgary: Chicago in 7

2 points for predicting the correct team. 4 points for predicting the correct team and duration of series.

Self-Proclaimed-Hockey-Experts vs Brainy Monkey; let the playoffs begin!

Image Source: Flickr/thousandshipz

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