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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr. Sakic, Please Share the Wealth!

So, Joe Sakic was injured while using a snowblower at home. He is to miss over three months after breaking three fingers and damaging tendons. The good news is that he’s fine. But, one has to wonder what he was doing cleaning up his driveway himself. Or was it his outdoor skating rink? He racked up over $87M in career before this season and people with 5% of his net worth don’t touch a snowblower or lawnmower. You earned it, Joe. Really. Share the wealth. Most teenagers in his upscale neighborhood would probably never be caught dead cleaning a driveway for $20, as they drive around in the Hummer daddy gave them for their 16th birthday but there has to be a few guys, in Denver, that run a snow plowing business out of their 2 pickup trucks and shovels.

Share the wealth. Please.

Photo source: Adrenaline Werks on Flickr

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