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Salary Structure - Minor Pro Hockey
($US unless indicated otherwise)

Ligues AHL IHL ECHL CHL WPHL WCHL UHL LHSPQ Russia Great Britain Elite Ice Hockey League
Season 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 04-05
Average Salary NA


$412/wk $500/wk $500
NA $100/game
Minimum Salary NA $27,500
/yr or
$300/wk NA $320
NA None +/- $1,300 per month  
None None None None None None None None +/- $12,500 per month  
Salary Cap NA $1.2M / yr $8,250/wk
NA $10,000
/week (1)
NA None None  
Furnished apartment
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes NA No Yes
Per diem NA NA NA NA $24/
travel day
Notes                   Top players earn $1,700 per week plus free accommodation and use of car

NA = Not available
(1) = Assistant coaches not included
(2) = Including cable television, basic phone, utilities, etc.
(3) = Assistant coaches: 50% of salary of first assistant coach included in cap, 0% of salary of second assistant included. For players with NHL, AHL or IHL contracts, only the minimum salary ($320/wk) is counted toward the salary cap.
(4) = Canadian $. QSPHL players get an expense allocation per game instead of a salary in order to save taxes, since players don't make a living with hockey.
(5) = Meals are included and a car is provided.

Sources: WPHL, IHL, LHSPQ, San Diego Union-Tribune, Hockey Business News, Denis Neznanov, players and fans.



As in any sport with a salary cap, teams can be creative and find ways around it. However, leagues have some control mechanisms and teams caught violating the cap are penalized (fine and points lost in the standings).


Players in the WPHL, WCHL, CHL and ECHL get some perks such as free golf, meal coupons, etc.


Assistant coaches are often players with high salary since their salaries are only partially included on the salary cap (depending on the league).


In some cases, in the WPHL, WCHL, CHL and ECHL, players get commissions when selling tickets or ads.


The best WCHL players can earn between $40,000 and $55,000 per season, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.


Russian teams sometimes pay bonus of $US 1,000 to 2,000 per players for wins against specific teams.


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